"I fell pregnant about 4 weeks into your course"

"Hi Dr. Harwin,

I just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know that I am 35 weeks pregnant! I fell pregnant about 4 weeks into your course. I had been doing most things from your book for a few months before but then officially started your course and 6 weeks in found out I was pregnant. 

I have never been hugely overweight but am definitely a "stocky" girl and have pretty much every other symptom of PCOS that you talk about including never having a period. In the beginning I started this course to relieve all the other symptoms naturally as I hated the thought of having to rely on artificial hormones to fix something that should just be "normal". I like to live as organically and natural as possible. The fertility part was more of a "good to know" - something I will come back to later. 

Believing that I was not a fertile person (yet having 2 natural periods in around the 4 -5 months after buying your book) I was perhaps not as careful as I should have been and well the rest is history!! 

My partner and I are absolutely thrilled (once we got over the shock and surprise) and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby in early January.
It's funny to think it was probably this time last year I stumbled across you book while researching on the Internet. I have no doubt however that your advice was the reason behind me falling so easily and just in general as a person I felt amazing living that way. Yoga too was a godsend on so many levels - It took me a while to get it and then I just fell in love with it.

Anyway have been meaning to let you know this and have sung your praises to all of my friends with PCOS. Yet I think they are little hesitant just yet as none of them are actually ready for babies and I have frightened them a little bit at just how easy it was for me - but when they are ready they know where to go!!

I can't ever thank you enough - but thank you."

Cassie of 
* stock photo as Tennille was not available for photograph